Michel Montecrossa's Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2006

Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2006

Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2006

Michel Montecrossa's Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2006

The ‘Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2006’ released by Mira Sound Germany as 6 CD-Box or DVD-Box features 41 Michel Montecrossa songs, 39 Bob Dylan songs, 2 Mirakali songs and 2 Diana Antara songs, including Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Hard Bone’, ‘Go All The Way’, ‘Ballad Of Attractive Hands’, ‘Peace And Love Song’ and Bob Dylan’s ‘As I Went Out One Morning’, ‘Boots Of Spanish Leather’, ‘When He Returns’, ‘North Country Blues’ and many more.

Michel Montecrossa with his high class musical drive and golden voice is bringing great message and joy with songs by Bob Dylan and Himself, givin’ everyone an experience to remember and to love.

The ‘Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2006’ is a great celebration of happy power, drive and emotion for an audience enjoying the magic of rhythm, poetry, love and a stunningly wide variety of musical styles.

Michel Montecrossa comes with the heart of an independent man easily bridging the vast reaches from high-energy cyberrock to acoustic-poetic ballads.

Michel Montecrossa is the outstanding 21st century voice for today and tomorrow: encouraging, full of life with great songs by himself and Bob Dylan making the ‘Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2006’ into an event you won’t forget.

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. Hard Bone
  2. Do Right To Me Baby
  3. Killer Deep Throat
  4. Dear Landlord
  5. Sexuality Rocker
  6. Jokerman
  7. The Power Of Cyberrock
  8. Gotta Serve Somebody
  9. I Can Tell You Somethin’
  10. John Wesley Harding
  11. Cyberrocker Ballad
  12. As I Went Out One Morning
  13. True Lovin’
  14. Boots Of Spanish Leather

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. Born With You (Wideness Of The Sign)
  2. Ballad In Plain D
  3. Go All The Way
  4. When He Returns
  5. Shall We Go To War Again?
  6. With God On Our Side
  7. Take My Dream
  8. Restless Farewell
  9. A Moonbeam On Your Face
  10. Man Gave Names To All The Animals
  11. Run, Run, Run!
  12. If Dogs Run Free
  13. Erotic Devotion
  14. Time Passes Slowly

The Songs, Disc Three:

  1. A Man Is As Good As His Woman
  2. The Man In Me
  3. Girl Of The World
  4. Three Angels
  5. Peace And Love Song (Love Is The Answer)
  6. Father Of Night
  7. Tigerlady Blues
  8. Went To See The Gypsy
  9. Ballad Of Attractive Hands
  10. Winterlude
  11. Cyberboy And Country Girl
  12. New Morning
  13. Celtic Joydance
  14. Billy (Main Title Theme)

The Songs, Disc Four:

  1. Flyin’ Away (With The Girl Of The Storm)
  2. Mi Amor Michel
  3. One More Weekend
  4. Cyberspeed Drivin’ U Sweet
  5. Love U Always More
  6. If Not For You
  7. Of Love I Sing
  8. Sign On The Window
  9. Virgin Slime & Virgin Smile
  10. You’re A Big Girl Now
  11. Dancefloor Tribal
  12. The Wicked Messenger
  13. Feel The Wild Wind
  14. Down The Highway

The Songs, Disc Five:

  1. Oh Lord, I’m Just A Rolling Stone
  2. Talkin’ New York
  3. Changing Real
  4. Bob Dylan’s Blues
  5. Foreign Land Ballad
  6. North Country Blues
  7. Weeping Man On A Bench
  8. John Brown
  9. End All Your Wars
  10. Ballad Of Holis Brown
  11. Willy’s Song
  12. Oxford Town
  13. Ballad Of Lost Dreams
  14. Gates Of Eden

The Songs, Disc Six:

  1. Reborn Again (Can You Imagine)
  2. I Pity The Poor Immigrant
  3. Of You Meet In Life Some Trouble
  4. Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking
  5. Technolove
  6. Drifter’s Escape
  7. Superclone
  8. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
  9. Electrorocker
  10. I Am A Lonesome Hobo
  11. Where Earth & Heaven Meet
  12. Heaven On Earth
  13. The World’s Greatest Love
  14. Another Morn’