Jet Pilot

Jet Pilot

Jet Pilot

Jet Pilot

Jet Pilot, the third Michel Montecrossa sings Bob Dylan production presents 14 Audio-Tracks and 1 Music-Video.

‘Jet Pilot’, the title song was released by Bob Dylan only once on ‘Biography’ as a short version. A long version of this song is now released for the first time on Michel Montecrossa’s Jet Pilot CD-Plus.

‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ is presented by Michel Montecrossa with groovy 21st century flair, fresh, new, full of life.

‘Tell Me Momma’ is one of the rarely covered Bob Dylan songs performed in the inimitable Michel Montecrossa New Style Rock Way. Bob Dylan himself released it on his 1966 longtime bootleg of the Royal Albert Hall Concert.

‘Outlaw Blues’ also rarely covered by other artists steps with Michel Montecrossa rejuvenated into the new millennium.

‘Born For Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is Michel Montecrossa’s own creation, bright with rock-fire and passion, a sovereign example of his masterful entertainment-power and acid-rock expressiveness.

‘I Shall Be Released’ a totally unplugged version of this Bob Dylan song from the Basement Tapes stands out as an impressive example of Michel Montecrossa’s brilliant way of acoustic performance which thrills the audience and is as strong and touching as his electric action.

‘Handsome Molly’ is an old folksong performed by Bob Dylan during his Greenwich Village days. Its haunting melody and timeless quality unfolds through Michel Montecrossa’s interpretation an intense artistic and heartfelt dimension only a few singer-songwriters are able to reach.

‘When The Ship Comes In’ a song from Bob Dylan’s early days, receives through Michel Montecrossa a youthful, fresh drive ready for the 2000 kids.

‘Mississippi’ a song Bob Dylan wrote recently was covered by Sherly Crow and is presented here in the profound Michel Montecrossa way together with his piano and harmonica.

‘Along In The Sun And The Rain’ is a Woody Guthrie song which is Michel’s most cherished song of this immensely important artist. It is featured by Michel Montecrossa with extraordinary beauty, experience and the insight of a truth-loving man.

‘Song To Woody’ is Bob Dylan’s early salutation song to Woody Guthrie. Rarely covered it is taken up by Michel Montecrossa in a tender and strong way, rich with the impressions and moods of a man who himself knows the tune of the road.

‘Farewell’ a folky song of young Bob Dylan, hides behind its apparent simplicity a directness of life which is both far-reaching and close to the human heart, qualities Michel Montecrossa has ingrained in his strong nature of an independent man, and expresses easily in this recording.

‘Things Have Changed’ an impressive new song by Bob Dylan which he wrote for the movie ‘Wonder Boys’ is for the first time covered by Michel Montecrossa with the incredible magic of his abundant variety of textures and shades of expression effortlessly putting him in the front-row of the most accomplished rock artists.

‘Any Old Time’ a mastersong by Jimmie Rodgers, whom Bob Dylan holds in high esteem, is covered by Michel Montecrossa with the soul of a genius unfolding the spirit of this song with such honesty and intensity that you easily experience the original sweetness and straightforwardness of Jimmie Rodgers come to life in 2000.

‘Love In The Ghetto’ the Music-Video on the ‘Jet Pilot’ production is one more original song by Michel Montecrossa performed at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy.

See, hear and feel the well of Michel Montecrossa’s New Style Rock in full action, a spring of creativity having no equal in modern music and the art of life.

The Songs:

  1. Jet Pilot
  2. Subterranean Homesick Blues
  3. Tell Me Momma
  4. Outlaw Blues
  5. Born For Rock ‘n’ Roll
  6. I Shall Be Released
  7. Handsome Molly
  8. When The Ships Come In
  9. Mississippi
  10. Along In The Sun And The Rain
  11. Song To Woody
  12. Farewell
  13. Things Have Changed
  14. Any Old Time

The Video:

  1. Love In The Ghetto